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The C Warners are Charles and Carmela Warner.

They weren’t meant for each other according to Carmela but they probably became ready for each other along the years. Charles was born and raised in Denver, CO while Carmela was born and raised in Brazil. They “officially” first met while Charles was going through his first marriage divorce and like Carmela will forever like to state, it was her that asked Charles out on a date (couple months later).It’s a fact that they held hands on their first date and another that Charles asked Carmela to be his girlfriend on their third date. About a month after seeing each other, Charles asked Carmela to marry him. Too soon? if you think so, you know nothing about these two! They’ve been together ever since.

camping trip, 2013

Charles had all sorts of jobs growing up (ask him about costumes!) till he found his way into driving…in the meantime Carmela worked for her dad until she discovered her love for computers and internet. Most of the writings you’ll find here will come from Carmela. Long before she and Charles united she was a long time blogger (her journalism degree thesis was the first one about Weblogs submitted/written in Brazil).

Embrace Blogs, june 13th – 2003

The innovative different in communication studies when applied to the Internet consists in surpassing functionalist systems which described the communication process centered solely on observation. In this effort we seek to study only one channel/perspective of these new fields of experience through our analysis in the Weblog reception process. In working empirically within this environment we explore the complex nature of the process of reception by mapping aspects like interpretation, sensibility and interaction. We start by assuming that the receptors make the configuration of a sensitive world possible. Furthermore, we assume that elements like practice and human discernment perform a very important role in the study of reception in this environment.

Charles now drives for a tour bus company while Carmela works as a customer service in a bakery. The C Warners is not about Carmela missing blogging or writing. It’s all about a journey. As Charles drives for a living he and Carmela build their own journey together. Step by Step

my chosen one }
– song by guillemots, from the From the Cliffs album.

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