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campo grande

(this page will be updated as new and detailed information arrives. please keep checking back)

Charles and Carmela’s Church Vows will take place in Brazil in the city where her parents live now (Campo Grande, located midwest of the country). The same city Carmela lived in from the age of 4 till she graduated from high school. Some may ask why they’re not taking their vows in her hometown (where most of her relatives still reside) or by the beach (such the perfect place). Well, Carmela’s parents moved from the south back to Campo Grande around 2008 in order to spend more time with the grandchildren and watch them grow (Carmela’s middle brother has a boy and a girl)  – at the same time, her mom re-joined the same parish Carmela used to be part of while growing up.

A wedding to Carmela’s hometown would cost more money (Lages, where she was born is located way further in the country), a wedding by the beach would be unrealistic (as a small church beach would not except the vows from people simply “visiting” the parish) but aside all that, Carmela and Charles want to be marry and be home in Brazil, which means, be at the house her parents live in now – the first she has never stepped a foot in – from all the houses her family lived in. She wants to see where pictures of her hang or where old furniture she left behind stand now. Just like people seeing or visiting Brazil for the first time, this will also be the first time Carmela walks into a new place, but for her – more than anything, a place she calls home.

So here’s are the 5 W’s you should know.

Who: Charles and Carmela
What: their Church Vows
When: December 20th, 2014 (the ceremony will be held at 10am at Capela Sagrado Coração de Jesus followed by a lunch reception at Cantina Romana)
Where: Campo Grande, MS – Brazil
Why: Because aside all the blessings in this world they still haven’t been blessed on/by the eyes of God. And also because they have a great excuse to visit Carmela’s home country together for the first time.

We all know how much it takes or how much it is into attending a wedding, even more, when that wedding is outside the city we live in. Now, let’s mention this is a wedding outside most people’s country! We know it. Charles and Carmela know it. It’s not simple, it’s not easy, it involves a lot of bureaucracy and economics and even more – these Vows are supposed to happen during the Holiday Season! Charles and Carmela wish everyone of their family members could attend these Vows. They also so much wish every single of their friends could join them but they understand everyone’s intention and possibilities.

If there’s a chance you’d consider attending this special moment of theirs, Carmela will be more than happy to give you a prep talk. Economics and paperwork and all that not fun stuff Carmela loves to deal with. And if you really decide to come all the way out of your home country, Carmela knows it’s Christmas time so you’d be more than welcome to spend Christmas with the Toninelo’s. Guess what? they also do Secret Santa even though it’s called differently in Portuguese.

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